Suez Canal Authority conducts virtual oil spill exercise


On Wednesday, the Suez Canal Authority conducted a virtual exercise to control pollution of an imagined petroleum spill in Lake Timsah, according to Head of the Authority Mohab Mamish.

The exercise, dubbed “Timsah 3”, was aimed at preparing for possible oil spills from giant ships in the Suez Canal’s navigational course, Mamish said.

He stressed the interest of the Suez Canal Authority, “by all means”, to keep the Suez Canal safe against the risks of pollution and potential oil spills, out of a commitment to marine environmental safety standards.

Mamish praised the consecutive virtual pollution exercises as successful, claiming that the Authority demonstrated both the human and technical potential of highly trained teams, and advanced equipment to deal with pollution incidents.

The exercise was supervised by members of the Authority’s Board of Directors, head of its Operations Department Mohamed al-Desouky, its Supply Commander Nasser al-Zayat, and Vice President of the Marine Simulation and Training Center Sabry Nasr.

Counter-pollution teams from the Suez Canal’s three cities took part in the exercise, using locomotives and marine units belonging to the Suez Canal Authority.

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