Sudan: Egypt Nile water safe in event of Southern independence

Egypt’s share of Nile water will not be endangered if Southern Sudan separates from the north, said Sudanese presidential adviser Mostafa Othman Ismail. A referendum on Southern independence is slated for January 2011.

“Do not worry about Egypt’s share of water, as 86 percent of it comes from the eastern part of Sudan, and I invite you to continue your investments there,” Ismail said at a seminar organized by Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party on Monday.

Ismail said economies and investors will not be damaged by a potential separation. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will personally eliminate all obstacles facing Egyptian investors, given the historic relations that link both countries, said Ismail, adding that the stability of Egypt and Sudan is interdependent.

“Eastern Sudan contains several tourist zones and its soil is one of the most fertile in the world. It also has many roads reaching to neighboring states. This encourages us to announce development projects that need the investment of Egyptian businessmen,” said Ismail, adding that Kuwait is due to host a conference on Sudan’s development on October.

“The Qataris, the Chinese, the Indians all came to Sudan, so where are the Egyptians?” asked Ismail, who emphasized Sudanese stability, saying political issues will not have an impact on the economy or on investment.

Ismail also said he hoped the role of companies contributing to his country’s development would not be limited to financing.

“We need companies that fund and implement at the same time. We are providing energy and initial studies to all investors, and are removing all obstacles based on political decisions.”

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