Sudan accuses Israel of trying to keep it on US terrorist list

Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamal Ali accused Israel of hindering Sudan's efforts to be taken off the state sponsors of terrorism list kept by the US.

Sudan's foreign ministry accused Israel of being behind a vehicle blast which killed people near Port Sudan on Tuesday.

Ali told reporters in Cairo, after meeting with Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi, “Israel wants to make everyone think Sudan supports terrorism.”

“This aims at halting Sudanese plans to cooperate with US administration for the removal of Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, as part of US promises to reconsider its relations with Sudan,” he added.

He described claims that Sudan supports terrorism as false.

“We’ll submit complaints to the United Nations about this Israeli aggression,” Ali added, denying the presence in Sudan of terrorists or any elements affiliated with Palestine's Hamas movement.

News reports said that Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, obtains weapons smuggled in via mountain passes. Egyptian media reports said Hamas gets weapons through border tunnels. Reports also said Israel attacked an arms smugglers' convoy in 2009, which Israel has not confirmed or denied.

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