Still no information on missing Egyptian in Grenfell Tower fire: UK Ambassador

The British ambassador in Cairo, John Casson, said that his country’s authorities had no confirmed information so far about the Egyptian Rania Adly, who was confirmed missing in the Grenfell Tower fire, adding that there was communication between the Egyptian and British authorities in this regard.

In statements made on the sidelines of an Iftar ceremony hosted by the embassy to celebrate inspiring Egyptian personalities, Casson said that his country feels sorrow for all the victims of the incident and is working hard to save all the lives it can and provide support to anyone, regardless of his nationality.

On combating terrorism in the light of recent events in Britain and Egypt, Casson said: I think we are facing and fighting the same enemy in Manchester and London. And we must fight extremist ideas that support and ignite terrorism with a comprehensive strategy and strong security measures.

He stressed the need for a smart confrontation to eradicate terrorism from its roots by facing economic and social difficulties and focusing on education. Casson stressed the necessity to exchange experiences; to focus on the broader context of the fight against terrorism and extremism; and to confront the use of electronic networks by terrorist organizations.

He pointed to the cooperation between the Egyptian and British armies in detecting explosives.

As for the Qatari crisis, Casson said that his country supports Kuwait and the international community in its communication efforts with all parties to reach the appropriate solution to the crisis; and calls on Qatar to take a clear position to address the concerns of its neighbors.

He stressed that Qatar should confront extremist groups without escalating the crisis, because escalation means helping extremists.

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