Spinning company VP dies after workers storm office

Vice President of the Misr Fine Spinning and Weaving Company in Kafr al-Dawar, Raafat Geneidi, died after thousands of angry factory workers stormed his office on Tuesday.

A source at the Kafr al-Dawar hospital in Beheira Governorate, northwest of Cairo, where Geneidi died upon arrival, said the cause of death was yet to been determined. The hospital reported that there were no visible signs of injury to Geneidi's body.

Workers at the company had organized a protest to demand the resignation of the company's board of directors and the union board. They also demanded the resignation of the company advisors and termination of employment contracts for persons who have passed the state pension age.
The protesters stormed Geneidi’s office and demanded that he leave the company. According to eyewitnesses, Geneidi fainted as soon as the employees broke into his office, whereupon the employees called for an ambulance and took him to the hospital.

Sources said Geneidi had undergone heart surgery in the past.

The armed forces intervened with four army tanks 45 minutes into the protest, following which the protesters returned to work.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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