South Korea ambassador visits Egyptian Space Agency

South Korean ambassador Hong Jin-wook visited the headquarters of the Egyptian Space Agency on Tuesday, at invitation of the Egyptian Space Agency’s CEO Mohamed al-Qousy.

Jin-wook began the visit with a tour of the agency’s facilities, which included a visit to the AIT building and the agency’s laboratories, as well as to the Space City and the headquarters of the African Space Agency currently under construction.

He expressed his happiness at visiting the agency, appreciating the agency’s hard work.

The space sector is of vital importance, he said, and thus there is a need to forward space cooperation between Egypt and South Korea, especially as his nation Egypt as a partner in official development assistance for development during the next five years.

Jing-wook recommended signing a memorandum of understanding for cooperation between space-related agencies in both countries, referring to a possible tripartite cooperation in this field, with a number of African countries.

The ambassador also suggested other cooperation projects, including developing a space application for educational purposes, to benefit students in Egypt as well as African countries.

Qousy thanked the ambassador for his visit, saying it reflected the close and continuous relations between Egypt and South Korea that extend for more than 25 years. 

The CEO also gave a detailed explanation of the agency’s activities and possible areas of cooperation in the field of space science and technology, which he hopes to achieve in the near future.

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