South Cairo Electrical company workers threaten strike

Workers at South Cairo Electrical Company are threatening an open ended sit-in at the company’s el-Haram, Giza branch if their demands are not met for higher incentives and equal pay with workers who were recently transferred from the Rural Electricity Company.

Meanwhile, workers in Qina Electricity Directorate have submitted a formal complaint against attempts to exclude them from the increases in allowances.

A delegation of workers visited Al-Masry Al-Youm and said that colleagues who were transferred from the Rural Electricity Company receive 120 per cent incentives, although they do the same jobs.

The workers said that they submitted a complaint to the Minister of Electricity, who stated in early September that incentives will be increased, though his instructions have not yet been implemented.

The workers also criticized Mahmoud Sultan, the South Cairo Electrical Company’s board manager, who promised a 60 per cent increase, which they have not yet seen.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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