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Son of businessman charged with manslaughter in Sheikh Zayed accident confesses for the first time

The son of a wealthy businessman Karim al-Hawary confessed before the investigation authorities regarding his accidental killing of four people, stating he was using any drugs.

“Yeah, I really hit them, but with no intention, and I did not use drugs or alcohol, and after the incident I lost consciousness.”

The defendant explained: “What happened is that on Thursday, December 9, I was out with my friends and I ended up leaving with my friends and back on the road, and I crossed the Sheikh Zayed toll gates near Al-Ahly Club in Al-Nozha Street, and after about 800 meters, I was surprised by a car in front of me at once. I banged in them and fainted, and that’s all what happened.”

Investigations stated that “the accused was driving recklessly and under the influence of narcotics and other intoxicants.”

The referral order of accused to the Criminal Court stated that on the 10th of this month in the Sheikh Zayed Police Department Department in Giza Governorate, the accused had obtained cocaine and mistakenly caused the death of four victims.

The referral order said that the accused did not take into account the distance between him and the car of the victims, so he hit it from behind, toppling it.

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