Solidarity Ministry concludes NGO draft law

The committee of legal experts formed by Minister of Solidarity Ahmed al-Boraei concluded Monday afternoon upon completion of an NGO draft law.
The committee announced that they will hold a conference on Thursday to put the bill forward for a societal dialogue before being officially approved.
The Monday meeting witnessed heated arguments between former presidential hopeful and lawyer Khaled Ali and head of the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights Bahey Eddin Hassan on one hand and other committee members, including lawyer Nagad al-Boraei, on the other.
Ali and Hassan demanded that NGOs' funding sources remain confidential whether domestic or foreign. The proposal was strongly opposed by many of the committee members including Boraei.
The committee voted on the proposal and the majority agreed that the sources of funding should be known to administrative authorities.
Talaat Abdel Qawy, representing NGOs in the constitutional committee as well as the committee formed by the solidarity minister, said the Solidarity Ministry committee is done discussing the NGO bill and would put it to social dialogue soon.

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