Smoke from burning waste reduces visibility in Daqahlia

Every year smoke blankets the sky in the Delta region, due to the burning of the waste left over from the rice harvest. Both the main roads and the agricultural roads were affected by this smoke in Daqahlia on Monday.
This annual event has continued despite the Environment Ministry's and local authorities' warnings about such a practice and despite the heavy fines that are imposed on violators.
Farmers have been instructed to recycle their agricultural waste, yet this year's smoke nonetheless reduced visibility on highways between Mansoura and other cities in Daqahlia.
Beni Ebaid Hospital admitted five patients who were suffering from smoke inhalation, according to a medical source at the hospital.
Ten official complaints have been filed against violators, an Environment Ministry official in Daqahlia has said.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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