Situation controlled at Tanta police station after detainees start fire

A fire started inside Tanta police station, resulting in the evacuation of detainees from the building, has been controlled under the direction of Gharbiya Security Chief Nabil abdel Fattah.

Several detainees held at the police station set light to clothes and blankets inside their detention cell.

Fire fighters were called to the police station to extinguish the fire and rescue the detainees, while families of detainees gathered outside. The fire and ensuing disorder was brought under control with help from additional security services brought in.

Tight security measures were imposed in the vicinity of the police station to isolate the situation from getting detainees' families involved.

Central security forces cordoned off the police station and surrounding streets, and families of detainees were dispersed after being reassured that their relatives were safe.

Abdel Fattah confirmed that no one was injured. The situation is now stable.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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