Sit-in over Minya train accident deaths disrupts rail traffic

Railway traffic was disrupted on Wednesday after thousands of citizens gathered on railroad tracks in Bergayah village in Minya Governorate to protest the deaths of a woman and her two children in a train accident in the morning.

General Mamdouh Maqallad, head of the Minya Security Directorate, received complaints from village residents Wednesday regarding what they saw as the unnecessary deaths of Hana Maher, 21, and her twin children Abanob and Marselle Nagib Abdo, 6.

The mother and her two children were struck while walking to the village's school.

A large number of village residents gathered on the tracks as some helped gather the remains of the victims' bodies.

The residents stopped rail traffic, demanding the establishment of a school compound west of the railroad, which will make the dangerous crossing unnecessary. They also said that Maher and her children were not the first victims of such an incident.

An ambulance transferred the remains of the victims to the health center of the village.

Since the outbreak of the 25 January revolution, people have occasionally disrupted train service as a way to force authorities to make changes.

Around 2000 residents of the Ayat neighborhood in Giza blocked railroad tracks in June to protest against the installation of a mobile phone tower in the village. The sit-in ended when the tower was removed.

And in April, a sit-in cut off train service in Qena Governorate after a Copt and former police general was appointed governor. The sit-in ended when, after 10 days, the provincial government removed the governor from his post.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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