Shoukry met with 32 Arab, European ministers, high-level officials in 2022

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received 32 ministers and high-level officials from Arab and European countries in 2022.

In a recap report on Egypt’s diplomacy throughout the year, the Foreign Ministry said Shoukry embarked on eight official visits to Arab countries, meeting with 12 ministers and high-level officials in addition to holding six rounds of political consultations.

Regarding Egyptian-African ties, Shoukry visited four African countries, meeting with four ministers and high-level officials.

As for the Egyptian-European ties, the foreign minister visited eight European countries and received 20 ministers and high-level officials, as well as holding 10 rounds of political and technical consultations.

Regarding the Egyptian-Asian ties, he visited four Asian countries and received four ministers and high-level officials in addition to holding eight rounds of political consultations.

He also participated in 22 virtual meetings with international organizations.

The numbers do not only reflect the size and diversity of Egyptian diplomatic activity but also its effectiveness, the ministry added.

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