Sheikh calls for Tantawi to be made interim president

Sheikh Hesham al-Ashry, former leader at the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice group, has proposed assigning a former military administration leader as interim president until presidential elections are held in Egypt.
Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) chief Mohamed Hussein Tantawi should be made interim president of Egypt until elections are held under the supervision of international human rights organizations, Ashry said.
Ashry argued that Tantawy would be a preferable option for Islamists after, according to Ashry, he agreed to hand over power to them before in 2012, after the presidential elections.
Ashry suggested that the Anti-Coup Alliance, a group leading the call for Islamist President Mohamed Morsy to be reinstated, should halt protests. Security forces would then in turn halt crackdowns on protesters, Ashry claimed.
He called for adopting the roadmap introduced by Egypt's army-backed government, so as to avoid the "draining of the homeland."
Ashry called for a media code of ethics in an attempt to halt disinformation by political groups.
Ashry expected Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood leaders' trial to continue despite protests and bloodshed.

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