Sharaf’s social justice minister to hold office in Ganzouri cabinet

Gouda Abdel Khaleq, who served as the solidarity and social justice minister in former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's cabinet, said Friday that he has agreed to serve as the supply and internal trade minister — a newly created position — in designated Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri's new cabinet.

Abdel Khaleq said he is not worried about Islamists winning a large share of parliamentary seats in the first round of elections last week, unlike many liberal figures who have expressed concern over the development.

An Islamist victory was expected, considering how quickly elections were held following the 25 January revolution, Abdel Khaleq said. He noted that this hastiness made it difficult for voters to distinguish between the platforms of different parliamentary candidates.

Parliament will become more balanced with time, Abdel Khaleq said. He mentioned that the same voters who have brought Islamists to power can exclude them in the future if Islamists do not respond to citizens' needs and find solutions to their everyday problems.

Should Islamists try to restrict personal freedoms, Tahrir Square will always be there, Abdel Khaleq said, adding that if Islamists do solve the problems facing Egypt and correct the nation's past missteps, then everyone should take their hats off to them.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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