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Shahid premieres documentary on actor Adel Imam

The Shahid VOD platform announced the screening of a documentary film about the artistic career of Egyptian actor Adel Imam, entitled “Egyptian Memory” on Friday.

The platform published, on Instagram, the poster of the documentary film which recounts Imam’s artistic career over 60 years – including secrets revealed for the first time ever.

The Gouna Film Festival paid tribute to actor Adel Imam with the Creative Achievement award during the Festival’s first session back in 2017.

“The slogan of the Gouna Film Festival is “Cinema for Humanity” and our goal is to use the seventh art to promote the high principles of humanity and to restore the original values ​​to our societies again,” said the Festival’s founder and business tycoon Naguib Sawiris at the time.

“Imam brought happiness to the hearts of people and drew the smile on their faces. He did not hesitate to defend his homeland when it was subjected to terrorism, so we had to honor him,” he added.

The Executive Director and co-founder of Gouna Film Festival Amr Mansy at the time described Imam as a rare phenomenon for maintaining his stature among comedians for almost half a century, which reflected a unique talent and ability to express the needs and concerns of the people in a comedically critical way.

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