Security source: Egyptian spy for Israel admits knowledge of additional networks in Syria, Lebanon

The discovery earlier this week of an Egypt-based Israeli spy ring has reportedly helped both Syria and Lebanon uncover three more Israeli spy networks in those countries, according to a security source.

In confessions to police, alleged spy for Israel Tarek Abdel Eazek Hussein, an Egyptian national, referred to these networks, prompting Egyptian authorities to alert the Syrian and Lebanese governments to their existence.

Hussein said that his Israeli handlers had instructed him to travel to Syria using a phony passport, where he was told to deliver sums of money to a senior Syrian security agent in the employ of Israeli spy agency Mossad. Hussein also confessed to having attempted to recruit Syrian and Lebanese nationals working in the telecommunications sector for Israel.

Egyptian authorities have reportedly passed the names of those he had contacted on to the Syrian and Lebanese authorities.

The Egyptians Hussein had reportedly contacted, meanwhile, have not been summoned by police on the premise that they were simply applying for jobs without understanding the nature of Hussein's mission.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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