Security forces and tribe members clash in Qena

Security forces guarding the Qena governor's office shot tear gas at dozens of Homaidat tribe members who gathered outside the building to protest the use of live ammunition by police forces. One Homaidat member was shot during a police raid in search of suspects involved in recent clashes between the Homaidat and Ashraf tribes.

Dozens of tribe members staged a protest in Sa’a Square in Qena Governorate, shouting chants such as, “Peaceful peaceful…we are not thugs.”

Qena security services carried out the raid in search of people carrying unlicensed automatic weapons after clashes erupted between the two tribes last week. The raid ended with the arrest of five suspects from both tribes as well as the confiscation of a number of unlicensed automatic rifles.

Sources revealed that the security services provided a list of 45 suspects from both tribes wanted for questioning. Senior tribe members were asked by police to hand over the suspects.

During the raid, Homaidat tribe member Hamam Abouel Wafa was shot in the abdomen and the leg while trying to escape from security forces that had entered his home. Abouel Wafa underwent surgery at Qena General Hospital and was transferred to Luxor International Hospital.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm.

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