Sawiris asks Al-Azhar grand sheikh to defend Copts

Egyptian tycoon and co-founder of the Free Egyptians Party Naguib Sawiris kissed the hand of Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb when he met him on Wednesday. The former asked the latter to protect the Copts and speak on their behalf.

“Kissing the hand of a clergyman is part of our Coptic culture,” he said.

“Speaking on our behalf means defending our rights,” Sawiris said. “For Tayyeb is a symbol of moderation.”

Sawiris called for a civil committee to handle issues of inter-religious conversion. He also called for a law prohibiting protests before places of worship, and for an end to all protests in order to allow the economy to recover.

“Muslims and Christians stood hand in hand in Tahrir Square during the revolution,” he said. “It's a pity that some people are trying to destroy such unity.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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