Sand storms and rain expected as bad weather continues

Bad weather in Egypt will continue for the next 72 hours, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority said Wednesday.

Sand storms will continue to rage Wednesday accompanied by a drop in temperatures, the authority said on its website. It said it expects overcast conditions for the northern and eastern parts of the country.  

Rainfall is expected on the North Coast and in North Sinai and northern Egypt, with a possibility of rain in Cairo.

Temperatures will be moderate during the day in Upper Egypt, with low temperatures expected at night.

Heavy rain fell today in Alexandria and several other northwestern parts of the country with the start of the Salloum storm.

Puddles of water formed under bridges, in tunnels and on main roads in the different districts in Alexandria, slowing down traffic.

The Red Sea Port Authority said five Suez ports have been closed half an hour after their opening because of high wind speeds.

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