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Salah listed among Liverpool’s 100 goal club

Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah recently made history in Liverpool, after he scored his 100th goal for the Reds in the Merseyside Derby, GiveMeSport website reported.

Salah’s name now falls alongside many Liverpool legends, such as Denny Dalglish, Michael Owen, and Ian Rush, as one of the great scorers in the history of the Reds, all of whom have scored over 100 goals.

The Pharaoh has played for Liverpool since the summer of 2017.

GiveMeSport listed 17 players from Liverpool who scored over 100 goals, and classified them according to the percentage of goals in each match.

The ranking is as follows:

  1. Gordon Hudson: 0.64 percent, scored 241 goals in 377 matches.
  2. Mohamed Salah: 0.63 percent, 103 goals 103 in 163 matches.
  3. Jack Parkinson: 0.58 percent, 128 goals in 218 matches.
  4. Roger Hunt: 0.58 percent, 285 goals in 492 matches.
  5. Sam Raybould: 0.55 percent, 130 goals in 226 matches.
  6. Michael Owen: 0.53 percent, 158 goals in 297 matches.
  7. Ian Rush 0.52 percent: 346 goals in 660 matches.
  8. Robbie Fowler: 0.50 percent, 183 goals in  369 matches.
  9. Harry Chambers: 0.45 percent, 151 goals  339 in matches.
  10. Dick Forshaw: 0.43 percent, 123 goals in 288 matches.
  11. Billy Liddell: 0.43 percent, 228 goals in 534 matches.
  12. Jack Palmer: 0.36 percent, 110 goals in 309 matches.
  13. Kenny Dalglish: 0.33 percent, 172 goals in 515 matches.
  14. Kevin Keegan: 0.31 percent, 100 goals in 323 matches.
  15. Ian St. John: 0.28 percent, 118 goals in 425 matches.
  16. John Barnes: 0.27 percent, 108 goals in 407 matches.
  17. Steven Gerrard: 0.26 percent, 186 goals in 710 matches.

There may be a good number of Liverpool fans who are frustrated with the selfishness shown by Salah while scoring, but they cannot turn a blind eye to the statistics and figures.

The Pharaoh has, without a doubt, proven himself a phenomenon in England. 

Salah won the Golden Boot award for the Premier League scorer in his first two seasons with Liverpool, and although he was did not get the award last season, he played a huge role in winning his team the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years.