Salafis to form coalition of Islamist parties

“We aim to form a coalition of all Salafi and Islamist parties before the parliamentary elections,”  Nader Bakar, a leading member of the Salafi-led Nour Party, has said.

“We are in touch with the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party,” he added.

Bakar also said his party will run in all electoral constituencies in order to win as many parliamentary seats as possible. “We want to take part in writing the new constitution,” he said.

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood has invited the Nour Party to join the Democratic Coalition, which comprises 28 political parties, including the Freedom and Justice Party. “But our representative only attends their meetings as an auditor, “ he said. 

Nour Party President Emad Eddin Abdel Ghafour expected the Democratic Coalition to disintegrate. “It will shrink into four parties only," he predicted.

Adel Afify, president of the Salafi-led Asala Party, his party will soon decide whether to join the Democratic Coalition or run as part of another coalition, probably Islamist.

Mahmoud Fathy, president of the Salafi-led Fadila Party, also said his party had not yet decided which coalition to join.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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