Salafi body apologizes to Saudi Arabia for protests outside its embassy

The Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation (ILBRR) and the Salafi scholars Shura Council in Egypt voiced their sorrow over the demonstrations outside the Saudi Embassy in Cairo, confirming that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sister-country joined to

Egypt by unbreakable relations that will not be affected by such events and demanding the return of relations after the Saudi ambassador was recalled from Egypt.

Head of ILBRR Ali al-Salous said in a statement Monday, “We hope that these events pass quickly, and leave no effects in the hearts of Egyptians or Saudis. We are all brothers and we all hope that we do not get harmed.”

“Relations between the two countries will not be affected by current events and the case of Egyptian lawyer Ahmed al-Gizawy, who is accused by Saudi authorities of smuggling banned drugs,” the statement said.

“As for me, as head of ILBRR, I express my sorrow for what happened, and I hope that it is not repeated and that the crisis ends. The relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia cannot be affected by what happened,” Salous said.

The statement called upon the Egyptian and Saudi peoples to adhere to good morals and to hold the media accountable for information it spreads.

The statement was signed by ILBRR and a number of Salafi sheikhs.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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