Salafi leader sons sentenced to prison over violence in Shubra

Cairo Criminal Court handed two sons of Gamal Saber, coordinator of Hazemoun Movement, a 15-year and seven-year sentences on Monday over their alleged involvement in riots in Rod al-Farag district.
The incidents occurred in March 2013.
The suspects were earlier referred to court over accusations of killing three students and injuring 62 others in Shubra district. Prosecution earlier accused them of thuggery, premeditated murder and possessing unlicensed weapons.
The suspects denied charges levelled against them. During investigations, they said they were playing football without taking part in the riots until the dispersal.
The court said that the son Ahmed committed premeditated murder, while the second son Abdel Rahman and his friends were shown that they were unable to access the playground of the school as other teams were inside. He demanded help of his brother to get the teams out so his team can play, when Ahmed took his edged weapon and headed to the playground. He ran after the victim and stabbed him, leading to his death.
The court heard testimonies of around 20 persons, most of whom were playing inside.
The court also added that Abdel Rahman did not know that his brother would attack the victim.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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