Salafi leader: Nour Party partook in drafting constitution to prevent ‘blatant infidelity’

Deputy leader of the Salafi Daawa, Sheikh Yasser Borhamy, said that the group’s political arm, Nour Party, participated in the current constitution-writing committee in order to prevent “blatant infidelity,” as he put it.
On his website, Salafi voice, Borhamy said the Salafi Daawa and Nour Party are not siding with “enemies of religion,” explaining the party’s participation in amending the 2012 constitution as aimed to “prevent blatant infidelity rather than to side with secularists.”
The party has been under fire by the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies for taking part in what they consider an illegitimate constitution-amending process that followed the ouster of Egypt’s first elected president Mohamed Morsy in July.
The party occasionally said it aims to defend articles stressing Egypt's Islamic identity and the adoption of Islamic law as a source of legislation.
The party has engaged in several disputes within the constitutional committee concerning the stipulation on Islamic Sharia and the Sunni doctrine as a source of legislation, a proposal rejected by church representatives and secular members.
Responding to users’ queries, Borhamy said remaining in the current political scene is not a form of alliance with “secularists and enemies of religion who do not want Allah’s law anywhere.” He argued that “Allah forbids sitting with infidels and hypocrites if they poke fun at Allah’s verses, but to sit with them to prevent such an action and demand to apply Allah’s verses is something thankful.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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