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Russia’s Rosatom to establish 2nd nuclear unit in Dabaa

Egyptian authorities have granted the Russian Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation permission to establish a second unit for generating electricity at the Dabaa nuclear plant, according to a statement from the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority on Monday.

The authority received a request to obtain a construction permit for the first and second units in January 13, 2019.

Over the course of two years, the Nuclear Power Plants Authority completed its procedures by submitting the initial safety analysis report for the first and second units from January to June 2021.

The statement said that the authority “made a number of inspection visits to the site of the nuclear plant in Dabaa, in order to determine the extent of the site’s readiness to start the construction of the second unit, including a comprehensive inspection from October 23-27.”

The authority will devote its efforts to verifying the compliance of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority with the terms of the permission granted and the regulatory control of the work of implementing the construction phase and manufacturing equipment, and will conduct the necessary inspections, to maintain human and environment safety.

The Dabaa nuclear plant will be operated with a full capacity of 4,800 megawatts by 2030, the head of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority in Egypt, Amgad al-Wakeel, said in December.

Speaking to local media, Wakeel said that the first nuclear reactor with a capacity of 1,200 megawatts will be operated to generate electricity according to the schedule of the commercial project in 2020.

The rest of the reactors will be operated successively to be operated at full capacity by 2030, he assured.

Rosatom is constructing the Dabaa nuclear plant based under an agreement signed between Moscow and Cairo in November 2015.

The first nuclear power plant in the history of Egypt, it consists of four power units with a capacity of 1,200 megawatts, and will operate the advanced Russian nuclear reactors VVER-1200 of the third generation that meet the highest safety standards.

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