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Russia is asking if other western intervention into the war is a new world order strategy?

The Russians see that the US and the West’s bloc are doing to defeat them is to limit economic growth and obstruct its political influence in many countries of the world.

While the West believes that Russia is on its way to becoming a powerful country, as it holds the keys to decision-making in many of the conflict hotspots in the world: om the flipside this also threatens the interests of the West everywhere.

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war was the inevitable arena of conflict.


The battle eventually moved from mere statements and unilateral moves to a direct confrontation.


Although, so far, it is a confrontation with undetermined parties and goals and scarce information, its outbreak and continuation at this time indicate that we are on the verge of something.

Everyday the Russians and researchers at Russian political centers talk about a new world political order, which they seek to find.

They believe that the Western-US alliance will not be able to assert is their global leadership and will not guarantee the strengthening of a unipolar system.


They might even have to resort to what they call “slanders”, that accuse Russia of being the culprit and the main reason for the outbreak of the current conflict.

They also believe that there is a good chance for the world (outside the scope of the West, the US and Russia) to have something that reminds them of the “Non-Aligned Countries” movement founded by Egypt, Yugoslavia and India in the 1960s.

They believe that many countries that refuse to join the Western side in this conflict have to create a front separate from the two conflicting poles.

Therefore Russian political experts believe the new world order may consist of two poles, and another bloc that will master its decision regarding the economy, energy, trade and investment.


So they advise their leaders to move quickly towards this unaligned bloc, first to ensure that it does not join the Western-US bloc, and second to ensure the clear stability of the Russian economy, which has been surely drained of war and of the constant boycott.

It is no secret to the Russians, the Americans, and the West that the Arabs and the Gulf, who own oil and have some stability in political and economic decisions, are the most important component of the bloc that experts close to the Kremlin refer to. Possessing oil and some political stability drive the Arab countries to be on the list of the most important blocs influencing the new world order that the Russians forecast soon.

The fundamental transformations of the international political scene have emerged vigorously recently, which will clearly justify the qualitative activation of the role of the non-Western and non-Russian world, on the way to a multipolar system, in which the establishment of some groupings that constitute a real alternative to the already existing alliances is included.

I repeat it, and I will continue to repeat, that the circumstances restored prestige to the region, and contributed to achieving that balanced position of the Arab and Gulf blocs regarding this conflict.

The conditions allowed Russians to see us as responsible for ensuring the functioning of the world economy and trade and the stability of economic relations in the world.

The question remains: Are we really on the way to a new world order? And will we have a role in it?

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