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Russia, Egypt flex naval muscle in joint Mediterranean drills

Russian warships from the Pacific Fleet have conducted joint exercises in the Mediterranean Sea with Egyptian Navy vessels, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday.

The drills involved joint maneuvering, communications practice, and other exercises. The Egyptian Navy was represented by the frigate ENS Al-Qadeer during the drills.

The Russian Defense Ministry emphasized that the joint exercise was another practical step in strengthening Russo-Egyptian naval cooperation.

The ministry also highlighted the participation of the Egyptian frigate “Al-Qadeer” in the drills, noting that it is one of the latest and most technologically advanced Egyptian naval vessels, equipped with sophisticated armament systems.

Participants in the joint exercise practiced forming a joint task force of warships in a designated area, conducting joint tactical maneuvers in various formations, carrying out communications drills, and training in helicopter takeoffs and landings over the sea.

After completing the joint exercises, the Russian and Egyptian ships parted ways, heading in opposite directions.

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