Routine arrest turns into fatal shooting and mobbing of policeman in Daqahliya

One citizen was killed, and two others injured by police in Mazloum village, Daqahliya province, in an attempted arrest that turned into a deathly clash between police and villagers and the mobbing of a policeman on Sunday. 

Police forces stormed a house in the village to carry out the arrest of a male suspect when the suspect's family interfered, refusing to turn him in and attempting to help him escape. A violent confrontation arose during which an officer opened fire, fatally injuring Al-Azab Mostafa al-Azab, 36, and injuring villagers Abdel Latif Kamel and Gamal Ahmed abul Maaty.

Eyewitnesses said that the police patrol was composed of one policeman and three detectives. 

Residents of the village reacted angrily to the use of police force, mobbing and taking captive the policeman who had used a firearm, named Awad al-Sayyed

Central Security Forces were dispatched to the village to restore order and free Sayyed. Villagers hurled stones at the police, who responded by firing teargas to subdue the violence.

Daqahliya security department was notified that the fatal shooting was an accidental result of individuals' violent resistance to police orders. 

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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