Rights group: Charges dropped for four protesting Mubarak’s acquittal

Four people have been acquitted by the Qasr al-Nil Misdemeanor Court, of charges of thuggery and unlicensed rioting last month.
The acquittal of Mubarak and his former security officials of charges for murdering protesters in the 2011 uprising outraged several political activists who had taken part in the uprising, and pressed for the punishment of former regime figures for the demonstrators' killings. 
The verdict on 28 November prompted hundreds to take to Tahrir Square, the center of the 2011 demonstrations, where security made a number of arrests among protesters.
Lawyers from the Egyptian Center for Social and Economic Rights (ECESR) said they were able to acquit four people charged for protesting in Abdel Moneim Riyad Square, a few meters from Tahrir Square that was closed by security at that point.
Though the verdict in Mubarak’s case was “disappointing,” ECESR says, the center championed the acquittal of the four as an application of justice. It vowed to “continue to defend revolutionary protesters at all stages,” urging the judiciary to “exonerate all peaceful protesters.”

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