Revolutionary Youth Union mulls sit-in to pressure military council

The Revolutionary Youth Union, which includes 18 political parties and movements, has announced that it will take part in Friday’s planned "million-man" demonstration in Tahrir Square and other major squares in Alexandria, Suez and Port Said, under the slogan "Reclaiming the Revolution."

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the union said it is considering staging a sit-in in various squares until the military council meets its demands, which include the announcement of a time table for the transfer of power to civilians, the cancellation of the law that criminalizes sit-ins, and the abolition of military tribunals for civilians.

“We also want the trials of the former regime members to be broadcast again,” said Essam al-Sherif, representative of the union’s Free Front. “And we want to dissolve the Shura Council.”

“We’ll have a peaceful demonstration,” said Amr Hamzawy, president of the Freedom Egypt Party.

The National Association for Change (NAC), for its part, is holding a meeting for all political forces on Wednesday to declare a unified stance on the demonstration.

“We’re of the opinion that Friday is not a good time,” said NAC Assistant Coordinator Ahmed Derag. “But the decisions of the military council prompted us to participate.”

“The council must tell us if it is with or against the revolution,” Derag said.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood said it is awaiting the announcement of final amendments to the election law before deciding whether it will take part in the demonstration.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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