Retired army officer under attack for work with company operating in Israel

Retired army general Sameh Seif al-Yazal has been recently under attack by users of social networking websites who circulated information about his position in a security company that operates in Israel. 

One of the links is that Elyazal is apparently the chairman of Egypt’s branch of an international security company named G4S, a company that does business in many countries, including Israel. 

According to the British Egyptian Businessmen Association and the company’s website, the company works in the field of combating terrorism and has more than 635,000 employees worldwide.

Elyazal is an expert on the national security and a former intelligence officer. He joined the Egyptian army in 1965. 

According to the business association’s official website, Elyazal is the chairman of the company’s Egypt branch. The website says the company has six offices in Egypt, two of which are located in Cairo.

G4S says it has extensive experience working with the world’s leading oil and gas companies. It has also worked with governments to secure government buildings and key assets around the world, supporting national justice and security strategies and ensuring that government personnel are well prepared to operate in some of the world’s conflict zones.

Through its Israeli subsidiary, the company reportedly provided equipment for Israeli-run checkpoints and terminals in the West Bank and Gaza, including luggage-scanning machines and full-body scanners. The company provided a security system for detention centers for Palestinian political prisoners in Israel and in the West Bank, as well as interrogation facilities.

He has been critical of revolutionary movements, blaming them for the deteriorating situation in the country and praising the role of Egypt’s military rulers as protectors of the state. 

Last week, Al-Azhar students expelled Elyazal from a forum that was held at their university to discuss the role of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in protecting the 25 January revolution.

The students wrote "Down with military rule” on Elyazal’s car, and his driver reportedly hit some students on his way out of the university.

Mansour Hassan announced he would run for president and appoint Elyazal as vice president last week. After he was criticized for choosing Elyazal, Hassan said it is too early to choose a vice president.

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