Reports on Egyptian woman raped in Saudi Arabia false, claims Foreign Ministry

Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Ali al-Eshairy has denied reports that an Egyptian woman was brutally gang raped in Saudi Arabia.

The Egyptian Consulate in Saudi Arabia had looked into the issue and issued a report claiming that neighbors had called the police when they heard a woman screaming. Upon arrival, the police found a man who was attempting to rape the victim but then ran away. The suspect, a Saudi citizen, was arrested.

However, a medical examination did not reveal signs of physical assault or rape, Ashiry claimed.

The independent Saudi newspaper Sabq had reported that the victim was found bound by the hands and the feet. She told the authorities that she had been abducted by a group of young men and raped daily for a period of five days.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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