Red Sea hospital struggling as bus accident leaves 36 injured

Medical services in the Ras Gharib area of the Red Sea governorate are struggling to treat dozens of casualties from a bus accident on Sunday morning.

Around 36 people were injured in the accident, with 10 ambulances sent to the scene. No deaths were reported early on.

Medical teams were sent from Ras Gharib Military Hospital and the General Petroleum Company Hospital to assist with the recovery and treatment of the injured.

However, Ras Ghareb Hospital, where the injured are being treated, suffers from a severe lack of resources and medical expertise and needs further assistance, according to medical sources.

Mohamed Helmy, governor of Ras Gharib,Helmy said that the hospital had been put on full alert in order to prepare for the flood of casualties.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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