Red Sea Gov: Oil spill successfully dealt with

Red Sea Governor Magdi Kobeisi announced on Sunday that an oil spill off the coast of Hurghada had been successfully cleaned up after only four days.

“The shoreline is clean now and local diving centers have reopened,” he said.

The ministries of environment and petroleum have reportedly begun estimating the damage to marine life caused by the spill and determining its source, with a view to taking legal action against those responsible.

Meanwhile, a number of hotels in Hurghada — a center of resort tourism on the southeastern coast of mainland Egypt — have raised lawsuits against the two ministries for material losses incurred as a result of the disaster.

The Beach Protection Authority, for its part, stated that there were no traces of pollution in the area, pointing out that the spill involved no more than between 30 and 40 barrels of oil.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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