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Recipes4kidz: Tasty–and healthy–food options for children is your online answer to the never-ending jigsaw puzzle that is cooking a healthy and delicious meal for your child.

The quest for an equally healthy and kid-friendly meal could take years. By the time you mix and match and try and fail (while occasionally having peas thrown in your face), your little baby will be standing in his or her own kitchen, fumbling around for their own kids' meal to prepare., however, represents a culinary shortcut, providing instant, tried-and-tested recipes with both nutritious value and child-appeal. 

Operating from Egypt, offers tailored information for locals, providing an ‘Ingredients Wiki’ that explains the components most commonly used in the recipes, along with a guide for their respective availability in Egypt. From mozzarella cheese to semisweet chocolate chips, tells you how to use them and where to find them.

Still, people from all around the world can experiment with most of the recipes on the website, which are designed first and foremost to boost children’s immunity. Healthy cooking practices, expert advice and shopping guides are also available for eager amateur chefs.

Innovative twists on pastries can also be found, including almond-molasses cupcakes and spinach-cheese muffins guaranteed to be loved by children. Tasty and moist, they are also healthy and nutritious.

Kid-friendly recipes and nutritional facts–useful for breakfast, school lunches, dinner and dessert–are also presented on Facebook. The Facebook page has become a platform for child-related issues across a wide spectrum. 

Mansour Dalghamouni, an international expert on food safety, has an "Ask an expert" page on to lend his experience to parents concerned about food preservatives, sterilization chemicals, food packaging and other related issues. also post links to nutrition-related articles, providing supplementary information about essential topics such as breast-feeding and introducing babies to solid food.

The website also has an online store offering kitchen utilities otherwise hard to find in Egypt. The Store sells giant cupcake Pans, mini-donut pans and even a guitar cake pan.

Recipe categories, meanwhile, range from easy-bake solutions to soups, school lunches, salads, sandwiches, sea food and dessert. caters to kids between the ages of eight months and four years old.

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