Rebel raid ‘kills 82 people’ in South Sudan

Khartoum — A South Sudan rebel group carried out a cattle raid in Warrap state that killed 82 people, including women and children, a southern army spokesman said on Tuesday, the latest deadly violence to afflict the nation in waiting.

Militiamen, under the leadership of southern rebel Philip Bepan, attacked the southern Sudan People's Liberation Army in neighbouring Unity state on Saturday, SPLA spokesman Philip Aguer told AFP.
"They were chased away and went to Warrap state, where they attacked cattle camps on 8 May, at a place called Balhom Weth. They killed 34 and wounded 45 civilians, including women and children," he said.
"On the same day they were returning with the looted cattle, they were ambushed by the cattle herders. Forty-eight of the militia were killed and 48 of their new AK-47 rifles were taken," he said.

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