Ras Sedr flood victims: We received no subsidies

 Residents of the Southern Sinai city of Ras Sedr who were affected by last month’s floods filed 114 reports with the public prosecution, accusing city council employees of humiliating them and stealing their subsidies.

Flood victims said they submitted copies of their national identity cards in order to receive subsidies of LE500 per person. They say the subsidies were never dispensed. Mahmoud Yehia, deputy attorney general for Ras Sedr, summoned the employees at the city council for questioning.

The Ras Sedr residents say they were humiliated by one of the employees at the city council, who kicked them out after calling them "panhandlers and beggars."

Major General Mahmoud Eissa, head of the Ras Sedr city council, said the families had not been given any subsidies, but denied their mistreatment by city council employees.

Minya Governor Ahmed Diaa Eddin announced that a crisis management unit was being built on 5000 meters of land in the governorate. The unit, which is expected to cost LE100,000, will include a database containing data on emergencies, as well as maps. The unit will be in contact with the cabinet of ministers and all government offices in the governorate to ensure the safety of buildings.

In Aswan, el-Sheikh el-Hosari Association for Religious Services gave away medication, 1000 blankets, 1000 mattresses, 1000 stoves, and other kitchen utensils to victims of the disaster.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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