Women stars dominate Ramadan 2017 TV season

The season of Ramadan television dramas is almost upon us and it seems that this year will have a whole host of surprises, namely that women stars will dominate our screens. With nearly 30 different series competing for the most views during the holy month, women take the principle role in 13 of these – making up an usually strong appearance.

“In La La Land” starring Donia Samir Ghanem is expected to have the top viewership on YouTube this season. Written by Mustafa Saqr and directed by Ahmed el-Gendy, it co-stars Hana el-Zahed and Shaima Saif.

After a two-year absence from Ramadan drama, Roby returns in the series “Ramadan Karim” by Sameh Abdel Aziz, along with Rogina, Sahar al-Sayegh, Rahim Abdel Ghafour, Salwa Mohamed Ali and Shireen el-Tahan, written by Ahmed Abdullah.

Menna Shalaby stars in the series “Wahat al-Ghoroob” (Sunset Oasis) directed by Kamel Abu-Zekhary. It is based on a novel by Bahaa Taher of the same name. Shalaby’s co-stars are Sayed Rajab and Ahmad Kamal.

Yousra also joined the Ramadan marathon with the series “El-Hesab Yegmaa” with the popular singer Bossi as her co-star, along with Iman al-Assi, Aida Riad and Nada Mussa. The series is written by Mohamed Rajaa and Iyad Abdul Majid, and directed by Hany Khalifa.

The famed Nelly Karim is starring the series “Le Aala Se’ar” (At the Highest Price) which discusses the idea of treachery among friends. This series, however, takes place in a social framework away from the classic tragedy genre, which has dominated most of her work. The series co-stars Zina, Sarah Salama and Rahma; it is written by Medhat el-Adl and directed by Mohammed el-Adl.

After some years away from the screen, Yasmin Abdul Aziz has returned with the comedy series “Harbana Menha” (She’s Gone Crazy), directed by Moataz el-Toni and written by Khaled Jalal.

Singer Haifa Wehbe is starring in “Al-Herbaya” (Chameleon) with Dina. This series is written by Akram Mustafa and directed by Maryam Ahmadi.

Hend Sabry also joined this year’s list of women stars with “Halawat al-Donia” (Sweetness of Life) with co-stars Zafer al-Abidine, Anoushka and Hanan Mutawa, and directed by Hussein al-Meniawi.

The actress Houria Farghaly is starring “Al-Hala Geem”, which is produced by Ahmed Badawi, written by Fayez Rashwan and directed by Hussein Shawkat. Her co-stars are Ahmed Zaher and Yasser Maher.

The actress Sumaya al-Khashab is competing for views this year with the series “Al-Halal”, written by Samah al-Hariri and directed by Ahmed Shafiq, and co-starring Bayoumi Fuad and Yousra al-Luzi, Leqaa Swedan and Maha Ahmed.

Mervat Amin also returns to the Ramadan TV drama with “La Totfy’a al-Shams” (The Sun Will Not be Extinguished), inspired by the novel with the same name by the late writer Ehsan Abdul Qaddous, adapted by screenwriter Tamer Habib and directed by Mohammed Shaker Khudair. The series also stars Reham Abdul Ghafour, Jamila Awad, Ahmed Malik and Sherine Rida.

Ghada Abdel Razek will star in “Ard Gaw” with Mohammed Karim, Ahmed Fouad Selim and Mounir Makram.

Rania Youssef will be seen in the series “al-Dawli” (The International), with co-stars Reem Baroudi, Bassem Samra and Ahmed Wafik.

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