Ragoul el-Awatef

Abdou Gobeir belongs to the seventies’ generation of novelists and short-story writers. Since the publication of his first collection of
 during that decade, entitled "Fares ala Hessan min Khashab," he has published four novels and three collections of stories. "Ragoul el-Awatef" is the third collection of stories which was just recently published.

Abdou Gobeir was deeply involved in the world of the press. He worked as managing editor of Cairo Magazine at a time when it was thriving under the leadership of its then editor-in-chief, the late critic Ghali Shoukri. Gebeir was also for eight years one of the managing editors at Kuwaiti newspaper el-Qabas, during the nineties.

Gobeir’s collection encompasses 24 stories varying in length. According to the back cover, "The collection represents a quantum leap for the author when considering his several previous contributions. Here we see other forms of art, such as theater, cinema, and painting, all molding into the form of a short story."

Here are a few lines from the collection:

"You were filled with violent emotion that couldn’t be suppressed. As long as you know the way, you must cut it short without making a phone call: confront me with reality—confess your love and wait."

Book: Ragoul el-Awatef Yamshi alaa el-Haffa
Author: Abdo Gebeir
Publisher: Malameh –Egypt
160 small-size pages

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