Putin announces large-scale effort to increase weapons production

Anna Chernova

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a large-scale effort to build up capacities in order to produce more weapons for his war in Ukraine.

Putin said increased production of weapons is “urgently needed,” and he assured that special attention would be paid to the legalities and allotment of funding toward the initiative while speaking to the board of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia on Wednesday.

“Primarily, in terms of the timely fulfillment of obligations for the supply of necessary weapons, equipment, ammunition for the needs of the special military operation, for the accurate implementation of all tasks of the state defense order, and the effective use of budgetary resources,” he said, using the euphemism for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

According to Putin, the government is allocating many resources for defense needs “without detriment to other areas.” But the funds “must be spent rationally, in strict accordance with the law,” he added.

“In addition, prosecutors should supervise the modernization of defense industry enterprises, including building up capacities for the production of an additional volume of weapons. A lot of effort is underway here. We need it urgently now and it will come in handy in the future,” he said.

Putin said Russia is on a positive path and “strengthening the sovereignty” of the country.

“We are with you at the stage of large-scale, positive changes aimed at strengthening the sovereignty of the country, its independence, the future of Russia and creating conditions for its confident development,” Putin said.

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