Protesting police set Interior Ministry on fire

A group of police officers, who are protesting after being fired Wednesday, set the Interior Ministry’s personnel building in downtown Cairo aflame, eye witnesses said.

A thick cloud of smoke is hanging over the area of Lazoghli where the ministry is located.

Around five fire engines, including four from the army, are trying to put out out the fire. Meanwhile, no reports have yet been received about any casualties.

Eye witnesses also said the raging fires engulfed four ministry vehicles and a Central Security vehicle.

Military police cordoned off the ministry while protesters chanted slogans calling for their jobs back. One of the police officers said he had been dismissed from service.

Police officers have over the past few days staged protests in front of the ministry to call for higher pay, and some complained they were arbitrarily dismissed from work.

Minister of Interior Mahmoud Wagdi pledged two days ago to examine the complaints of the protesting officers and to double police bonuses.

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