Prosecutors charge 54 protesters with assaulting police

Prosecutors started investigating reports from the Interior Ministry on Saturday against 54 protesters arrested in clashes with police in Tahrir Square and Alexandria.

Saturday's clashes resulted in two deaths and 1114 injuries, according to the Health Ministry. Those arrested include a Syrian citizen and an Egyptian girl with American nationality.

The people accused were charged with assaulting the police and threatening public security. They said they were arrested away from the square and that they had nothing to do with the protests.

Security forces cordoned off the prosecution building to prevent families of the accused from storming it, and banned reporters from taking pictures.

Prosecutors also went to hear the testimonies of 73 hospitalized protesters, as well as 43 police personnel.

Two police vehicles and four motorcycles were burned in the clashes, and a number of shops were damaged.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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