Prosecution allows retrial in Morsy prison-break case, suggests canceling sentences

Egypt's prosecution has recommended canceling the death and jail sentences for former President Mohamed Morsy and Muslim Brotherhood figures involved in prison-break lawsuit.

On Tuesday, during the first session of a challenge filed by the defense team, a court ruled that an appeal would be permitted, allowing the accused to face a new trial on the same charges.

Defense lawyers asked the Court of Cassation for a copy of the prosecution's memorandum, which includes its opinion, and requested a postponement in order to study the document.

In June 2015, Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Morsy to life in prison, along with Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, his deputy Rashad al-Bayyoumi, former Parliament Speaker Saad al-Katatny and Essam al-Erian.

Another 20 suspects were sentenced to prison in the same case, which relates to the release from jail of the suspects during the security vacuum in the 2011 revolution.

The defendants insist that they were sprung from jail by third parties and had nothing to do with planning the jailbreak.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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