Pro-Shafiq protesters gather in Nasr City to support SCAF

Hundreds of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq protesters gathered Saturday afternoon at the Memorial of the Unknown Soldier in Nasr City, raising Egyptian flags and banners in support of Shafiq and the head of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi.

The banners read: "Egypt above all," and the protesters chanted "Long live Egypt," "The people and the military are one hand," and "The people want Ahmed Shafiq."

Eyewitnesses said that the protest caused some traffic congestion.
One protester said it was wrong of the Muslim Brotherhood to announce that their candidate had won the race four hours after counting started.

Meanwhile, thousands of anti-SCAF protesters gathered in Tahrir Square raising Egyptian flags and calling for an end to the military rule in Egypt, a few days after the ruling military council announced the dissolution of the Islamist-dominated People's Assembly, and issued a supplement to the Constitutional Declaration that gives wider powers to the military council.

 Protesters in Tahrir Square have been calling over the week on the military junta to abide by its promise to hand over power to civilians by July first. Many Egyptians have expressed anxiety over the fall-out of the presidential elections.

The military council,  however, strictly refused to cancel the supplement to the Constitutional Declaration, which returned legislative powers to the ruling military council after the People's Assembly was dissolved.

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