Pro-Mubarak group uses graffiti to rename metro stop

Supporters of toppled President Hosni Mubarak used graffiti to paint over the name of Martyrs metro stop and rename it after him Wednesday.

The Transportation Ministry changed the name of the Mubarak metro stop to Martyrs in April after a court ordered the removal of Mubarak’s name from buildings, streets and other public places.

Al-Wafd newspaper, which is affiliated with the liberal party of the same name, reported on its website that the Facebook group “We're sorry, Mr. President” claimed responsibility for the graffiti.

The group described what happened on Wednesday as a breaking news, saying “Mubarak’s sons' forces have carried out another distinctive operation.”

The Facebook page asserted Mubarak's name had been removed from the metro stop unfairly.

Mubarak is facing trial before the Cairo Criminal Court on charges of killing protesters, squandering public money and corruption.


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