Pro-Mubarak director wins Cinema Syndicate elections

Egyptian TV director Mossaad Fouda won a second term as Cinema Syndicate chairperson after elections Sunday, despite criticism that he has strong ties to the former president's regime.

Over the past few months, protesters organized sit-ins at the syndicate, calling the removal of Fouda and all board members from their positions.

Protesters accused Fouda of restricting artistic production, profiteering from his position and abusing the syndicate's budget.

They also criticize Fouda for accusing pro-democracy protesters of thuggery and bribery during the 25 January revolution. He showed little support to syndicate members detained during the revolution, protesters say.

After the results were announced, director Ali Badrakhan, Fouda's opposing candidate, said he would stage a protest in Tahrir Square in prepration for the establishment of an independent syndicate.

Fouda received 925 votes, 59 more than Badrakhan, who got 868 votes.

Badrakhan has judicially challenged the date and location of the elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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