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Postcard from Venice: The romantic city

I felt like I was entering a painting the first day I wandered the bridges and mazes of Venice.

I hardly knew at the time that the sense of tranquility that overwhelmed me the moment I stepped out of the airport and took a water-taxi to my hotel marked a getaway from all my cares, and the beginning of an unforgettable time in the romantic city.  

I had only a couple of nights there so intended to not waste a moment. As soon as I reached the hotel, without unpacking, I jumped into the first gondola I laid my eyes on. It was majestic, ornamented with golden seahorses on both sides. While the gondolier paddled along narrow canals lined by the magnificent architecture of renaissance buildings on both sides, my sightseeing tour passed like a blink of an eye.

I headed towards the piazza of Saint Mark, which derived its name from the cathedral and campanile standing gloriously at the core of the city. Despite the long queue of foreigners, I did not hesitate to wait for my turn to explore the splendid Byzantine art of the basilica.

When night fell, the square sparkled with innumerable lights emitting from every bit of the surrounding architecture. Tourists usually go there to hear live music and enjoy dinner under a star-filled sky. And of course, I was one of those who did not want to miss the breathtaking view.  

Throughout the times, Venice has been desribed by many phrases, including “the floating city” and “Europe’s most romantic city”, but in my eyes it is a real masterpiece sculpted by God.

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