Post office employees continue strike, minister seeks solution

Employees at post offices around Egypt continued their strike for the 14th day to call for better working conditions and higher salaries.

Post office workers are calling for raising incentives for workers in isolated areas to 50 percent of the basic salary, introducing a profit-sharing system, raising the performance bonus to 200 percent of the basic salary.

They are also calling for permanent contracts for temporary workers and for amending the healthcare law.

In Luxor, 93 post offices took part in the strike in the governorate.

At the chief office in Luxor, dozens of pensioners decided to stage a counter protest to call for the payment of their overdue pensions.

In Beni Suef, more than 100 post office employees carried on with their strike to demand better working conditions.

In the Nile Delta governorate of Daqahlia, workers from 83 post offices continued their protest to call for raising their bonuses to 200 percent of the gross salary.

Hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the post offices and clashed with the employees.

An army force was dispatched to Meet Ghamr to secure the post office after citizens attempted to break into it twice and hurled it with stones, breaking its windows.

Meanwhile, the communications minister dismissed the head of the postal authority in the south of Daqahlia. He replaced him with Khaled Abbas, the former vice president of the authority, and ordered him to meet with the employees to listen to their demands.

The minister asked every area to choose two employees to represent their demands in a meeting that he will have with them on Wednesday.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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