Pope Tawadros celebrates Mass commemorating Pope Shenouda

Pope Tawadros II celebrated a mass at the St. Bishoy Monastery in Wadi al-Natrun on Tuesday to commemorate the third anniversary of the death of late Pope Shenouda III.
The Mass was attended by the members of the Holy Synod and hundreds of Coptic Christians.
In his sermon, the Pope said Pope Shenouda served the church for almost 50 years and that he was a landmark in the history of the Coptic Church.
The Pope said he is pleased every time he hears officials at home and abroad citing Pope Shenouda’s famous statement of “Egypt is not a nation we live in, it is a homeland that lives in us.”
“The commemoration of Pope Shenouda is a special day for all Copts,” said Coptic Milli Council member Mohsen George. “He has ordained more bishops than any other pope.”
Archbishop Royce Morcos, spokesman for the church in Alexandria, also held a Mass on Tuesday at the Virgin Mary Church, commemorating the Pope.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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